Zip now & pay later - up to $5000 (buy your new wheels today & pay later with Zip/Money)
GUARANTEE 100% Fitment Guaranteed All wheels are manufactured under high quality JWL VIA Standards. Meet and exceeds load rating requirements
Zip now & pay later - up to $5000 (buy your new wheels today & pay later with Zip/Money)
GUARANTEE 100% Fitment Guaranteed All wheels are manufactured under high quality JWL VIA Standards. Meet and exceeds load rating requirements
Zip now & pay later - up to $5000 (buy your new wheels today & pay later with Zip/Money)
GUARANTEE 100% Fitment Guaranteed All wheels are manufactured under high quality JWL VIA Standards. Meet and exceeds load rating requirements
Zip now & pay later - up to $5000 (buy your new wheels today & pay later with Zip/Money)
GUARANTEE 100% Fitment Guaranteed All wheels are manufactured under high quality JWL VIA Standards. Meet and exceeds load rating requirements


About Custom Wheels & Tyres Australia

Custom wheels & tyres has been importing and manufacturing the best the world has to offer in aftermarket wheels and tyres. Custom wheels & tyres has the most exclusive and impressive range of wheels along with an experienced team.

With over 6 years of experience, our friendly staff can assist you in choosing the best looking wheels at the best prices.

We have created the Custom wheels & tyres online store as a straightforward way for you to buy tyres, wheels and Wheel + Tyre Packages online.

We have served thousands of customers ONLINE since 2016 and strive towards being the number one company for wheels and tyres in AUSTRALIA.

How we work?

For those who have never purchased tyres on the internet before, we aim to make the process as straight forward and painless as possible. Custom wheels & tyres online Store has revolutionised the tyre industry by putting the focus back where it belongs - with the customers!

Many of our customers have commented on how satisfying it is to be able to purchase online.

Why Custom wheels & tyres AU?

100% Australian owned. Our techs have over 10 years’ experience with aftermarket wheels and tyres. Our fitment guide is top notch and ensures a 100% proper fitment guarantee for your vehicle.
Not only can you feel confident ordering from us but we also provide fast and accurate shipping right to your door if needed.

We can assure:

  • All Email enquiries are answered instantly or within 24 hours.
  • All products are BRAND NEW.
  • We email and SMS your tracking number to you if items are ordered online.

Buying wheels & tyres?

Wheels and tyres comes fitted and balanced and can be delivered to your preferred address. We Freight Australia wide business - Business & Door-Door

Buying wheels only?

Buying wheels only means you need to buy tyres or use existing tyres and need make arrangements yourself  or ask us for advice and email us at customtyresau@gmail.co


We offer free fitting and balancing on all Wheel and Tyre combos. Since we mount and balance the wheels and tyres ourselves, your package is guaranteed to arrive ready to put on your car problem free.
Every custom Wheel and Tyre combo the Custom wheels & tyres team sells is high-speed balanced on our new state-of-the-art mounting and balancing equipment.
Our team makes it a priority to inspect every wheel and tyre to ensure it meets our strict quality control standards and are totally free of any cosmetic deficiencies.

Take advantage of additional discounts by choosing a Wheel and Tyre package. You can create a Wheel and Tyre package online to fit your car, truck or SUV. The Custom wheel & tyres team is also available to help you customise your package details which can include catering for special many requests. 

Custom wheels & tyres is a company that prides itself in its customer’s satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art web technology generates results specific to your vehicle’s make, year and model so you can easily shop through the wheels and tyres that fit your needs.
Our system also matches your favourite wheels with its correct tyre size and allows you to choose your preferred tyre brand. Custom wheels & tyres is a premier online seller.

Customers may conveniently order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With over 15 years of experience in the wheel and tyre industry, Custom wheels & tyres convenience and outstanding customer service including the highest quality of wheels, rims, tyres and custom wheels at unbeatable prices.


What else do we offer? Official Tyre lettering kits. What do we specialise in? Custom tyres Australia offer a wide range off cool hsv & holden wheels to change the look of your ride big time!!More than just a business, Custom tyres is a family-run venture that puts customers at the heart of everything we do. When you choose to order from us, you're not only receiving top-quality products, but you're also supporting a small family business instead of a large corporation. We take pride in providing the best tyre lettering solutions in the industry. Our dedication to using only the finest materials ensures that our products stand out from the competition.

We are committed to delivering exceptional results that car enthusiasts will appreciate. Whether you're seeking the perfect finishing touch for your vehicle or looking to make a statement on the road, Custom Tyre Stickers has you covered. Join the Custom Tyre Stickers family today and discover the difference that comes from choosing a family-run business with a passion for excellence. Experience the customer service that has made Custom Tyre Stickers the top choice for car enthusiasts searching for custom tyre lettering solutions. High Performance After many years of being in the car scene, it made sense for our next venture to be something about cars! After watching countless YouTube videos of car shows in USA, it became apparent that "Tyre Decals" were very popular. After doing some research it became clear that the only way to get these tyre stickers is from abroad, which is costly and takes a long time with shipping. That's why we started Custom Tyre Stickers with the goal to become the biggest supplier of high quality car decals/stickers in Australia all at an affordable price.

Australia's No.1 Supplier of permanent performance tyre lettering.

Custom Tyre Stickers is proud to be Australia's number 1 supplier of permanent performance tyre lettering. Our exceptional products are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, boasting:

Weather Resistance

Stain Resistance

Abrasion Resistance

Chemical Resistance

Tested to speeds of up to 250kph

Trusted by professionals in the automotive industry, our decals have been featured on an array of remarkable vehicles, including the Seat Urban Rebel Concept, Bugatti Divos, and the McMurtry car that set the record time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2022. Our lettering solutions can also be found on heritage F1 cars and everything in between! Our outstanding reputation even led to a feature on Amazon's popular show, "The Grand Tour Lochmodan" episode, showcasing our products to a global audience. All of our decals are custom made to fit the specific tyres they are ordered for, ensuring a perfect fit every time.


Unleash Your Ride with Precision and Style discover the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship with our elite lineup of 20-inch and 22-inch wheels: the Rapiers, GTSR, VF2 R8s, and Walky. Each wheel embodies a perfect fusion of performance, durability, and aesthetic finesse, elevating your vehicle to new heights of sophistication and power & looks

  • Before mounting tyres to the wheels, check brake, hub, fender and suspension clearance.
  • Mounted wheels cannot be returned.
  • Mount tyres onto wheels only with equipment specifically designed for alloy wheels.
  • Do not use equipment that will scratch, scrape or abrade the wheels. This will void the warranty.
  • Wheel adaptors and spacers are not recommended. If installed, the purchaser assumes all responsibility and liability.
  • Use only self adhesive tape weights when balancing. The use of clip on style weights is not recommended as they can damage the wheel finish and void the warranty.
  • Always use the correct type of lug nut.
  • Always use the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended torque specifications when tightening lug nuts.
  • Re-torque the lug nuts after 75-100 miles of driving.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) – If you vehicle is equipped with a TPMS system you must (re)install the sensors into the wheels. Some TPM sensors require activation after installation. Refer to your owner’s manual for specifics.

  • Keeping your wheels clean on a continual (weekly) basis is the best way to maintain their “like new” finish and luster.
  • Never clean your wheels while they are hot.
  • Water and a mild non-abrasive cleaner is the best solution for cleaning your wheels.
  • A good rule of thumb to follow when selecting a cleaning solution is: if it is not safe for the paint on your vehicle it is probably not safe for your wheels.
  • Applying a coat of non-abrasive carnauba based auto wax after cleaning is all the protection your wheels should need.

These installation and care instructions must be given to the retail purchaser.


100% licensed tyre lettering kits by TIRE STICKERS

Take them tyres too the next level, No more boring black tyres!!Browse our tyre decal designs today. Need something custom? Feel free to get in touch or directly order some through the custom order option!

Get in touch


Best in the business

  • Why choose us?

    Custom tyre stickers has developed strong relationships with nearly every major branded tyre manufacturer including Dunlop, Falken, Toyo, Continental, GoodYear, Michelin and more. As a result of this partnership, we are proud to be exclusively associated with and officially offer licensed tyre brand name designs; only available through us

  • DIY tyre lettering kits

    Our tyre lettering kits are completely DIY & provide a durable bond and quality appearance lasting the lifetime of the tyre, perfect for daily drivers!  These kits are fully cleanable even after 50,000+ kms of intense driving.  The product is guaranteed to be stain free from normal driving conditions!!! Each Raised Rubber Letter Kit includes our specially designed tyre adhesive, Rubber cleaner and instructions for application, maintenance and removal

  • Can I get sponsored?

    Custom tyre stickers offers sponsorship in the form of a Brand Advocate Program.  To enter, shoot us an email at customtyresau@gmail.com with your bio including details of events you attend, clubs you are associated with and photos of your vehicle.


How many stickers do I get per kit? Each tyre letter kits is sold in quantities of 4 or 8, designed for all four tyres on the vehicle.  If you select 4, you will receive a phrase to cover on side of each tyre, top or bottom. If you order 8, you will receive enough for top and bottom of each tyre. For example, ordering a "MICHELIN" tyre letter kit of 4 will be for each tyre, one side whereas a tyre letter kit of 8 will be the phrase "MICHELIN" on top and bottom of the tyre.

If you would like to order bulk quantities, change the quantity count using the button next to the Add To Cart selection

What is included with each order? Each tyre lettering kit order will include the tyre stickers product, application and removal instructions and our unique application adhesive (Permanent Raised Rubber Letter kit only).

Are the tyre stickers kits sold as individual letters or a proper curved kit on a film? We do not sell 'cookie-cutter' letters that will take hours to apply and risk incorrect spacing and orientation! Our tyre letter kits are curved to fit your tyre exactly as ordered and are a continuous decal on transfer film for quick and easy application.  The film maybe split into multiple pieces in order to fit your order in standard shipping envelopes to save you cost.   No risk of getting adhesive on your fingers or having issues with proper placement of decals!

What colour are our tyre stickers available in? They are available in a variety of colours for each product type. Colours including : white , red , orange , green , yellow , blue . If you need special colours please contact us for more info!

Will the tyre stickers come off with carwash or power wash? Our permanent raised rubber letter kits withstand standard washing and power washing! However, refrain from using any automatic car wash system or similar that grabs the wheel/tire, or rubs against the tire, while passing through the wash system which in turn can cause damage to your decals.



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